Sunday, February 9, 2014

Celebrating Ben's 40th- Beer Bash & Hockey

I think it's been a couple of years since I have blogged last. Life has been a little busy. I wanted to share some of my favorite things from my husband's 40th birthday party, which I threw for him yesterday. I make that point, b/c if he had thrown the party it would be pretty basic.

Many of the ideas I found I gathered from Pinterest in bits and pieces. I thought I would share my version of a Beer Bash. One table had Ben's beer pints collected from Bennigan's Copper Clover Beerfest (not that he remembers) filled with wheat stalks.

The centerpiece to the island had disco-like balls, which were Styrofoam balls covered in glitter and then beer caps. I copied this idea from a picture on Pinterest. I ended up having to order caps from Etsy, b/c this was a last minute project. I also had to ask Ben to buy and drink some beer with green caps b/c we didn't have enough. I think that was his favorite trip to the grocery store. His best friend made a generous donation of red and blue caps. That's what friends are for...right?

We used some pints collected from our trips, that involved a meal and beer from a micro-brewery, to hold the plastic ware.

I found someone on Etsy that makes these cute "Hoppy Birthday" banners. There is a 40th banner sign and a beer bottle to either side of it that says "Ben's bar". She also makes the beer labels, which I added to tin cans. She personalizes the types of beer based on your request. Ben chose: Craft Beer, Amber, I.P.A., Diet Beer (being silly), Lone Star, and Stout. Our children have a small trash can, which held a puzzle at one time, and we used that for the caps.

The beer tables were decorated with construction paper from Home Depot (painting aisle).

The menu consisted of: Beer Cheese & Bacon dip, Jalapeño sliders, Chipotle Macaroni & Cheese, Pulled Pork Sliders, and Cole Slaw.

The food was amazing, and we finished the meal with a vanilla cake made by Cake Bliss.

The party was a smash, and we ended our evening with a hockey game! So thankful for all that helped make this evening fun and tasty.

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