Monday, March 28, 2011

Sometimes it's nice to live with atypical

I don't usually use my blog to express my feelings, but I thought I would share a light bulb moment I had this weekend. I took Max to a birthday party yesterday and was very thankful that he was atypical when we left. We usually dread and have a lot of anxiety about parties. All of us or maybe it's just me dread events like this!

For years, I have felt we pull back a layer on the onion and reveal another diagnosis or barrier to work through. I am all for knowing what you are working with and believe in "it is what it is". It was so hard for me to hear the word Aspergers for Max this fall. I cried for days. In fact, I could cry typing this post. I went to a party this Fall, which should be fun, and saw him twirling with a light in a field by himself and thought to myself "he has autism, how did I miss this and how did we get here".  I have worked in the field of Special Education for 12 years and have a Masters degree. I ended up being counseled by the host and hostess of the party, where one is a counselor and one is my former supervisor. I am so embarrassed by my behavior at their party (visualize crying fool), and I hope that doesn't ruin the tradition of being invited and attending their annual Halloween party. Truly, I am sorry for letting go on a night of fun. I don't usually let go, and I think it was healthy. However, I wish it had happened a different night.

I digressed~ this weekend was a party at Putt Putt. Sensory overload=yes. Too many children per adults=yes (can you imagine 20+ BOYS and 5 parents??? No, me either).  No one in control= yes (I think the Putt Putt girl was scared by the 20+ boys, I know I was).  It was "Lord of the Flies" to the fullest extent!!! At one point, the boys weren't entertained and they started screaming (lead by the tallest and largest boy- note Lord of the Flies) "We want ice cream"  in a large demanding voice and Max joined in and looked at me. I shook my head "no". And he actually listened and stopped. I was so surprised. The group consisted of boys he goes to school with and boys he has played soccer with, and he listened to ME. Yes!

Then the herd of boys sat around the birthday boy to watch him open his presents. They got closer and closer with each present. Visualize lions fighting for the kill. It was interesting! They also became increasingly louder. It was horrible! Boys yelling about what they had and wanted. It was NOT about the birthday boy, it was about them. My son left the group to come get a hug from me, and he wanted to stand by me. One of the mom's next to me asked him if the dog-pile was too much for him, and he said "yes". Thank you GOD! It was too much for me as well. Maybe he does have something from me? The mom I had connected with (which is very rare) also had her son coming to her for affection. Max stayed with me for the remaining presents. I was so glad and proud of our bond and attachment. As an adoptive mom (for children older than infancy) I often wonder and evaluate our relationship. I can't imagine that birth mothers EVER have this thought b/c I imagine you always see the child as an extension of yourself or husband. Not me. I very seldom see myself. Let me state- I very seldom see myself in my children. 

This party was a moment where I looked out at a large group of children doing the same behavior and thought to myself "Thank you God! You knew I would not want this". I came home and told Ben about the stressful event, and that is the moment it hit me. It's okay to have a child that is different. It is hard a lot of the time! They may not get invited to many or any parties. They may not have a lot of friends. But, the friends they have are Quality friends~ Thank you God for allowing me to realize that life is full of challenges and rewards!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fabulous Friday Challenge

Mom Tried It Photo Challenge- Yellow

Stumbled upon another photo challenge and was pleased to see there was an available challenge. Thought of this photo when I saw the title. Hope you enjoy

Cousins' Craft Night- paper wreaths

We had so much fun at our second Cousins' Craft Night making these paper wreaths. Bethany found this idea on the following website: Craft

What you need to get started:
- 14" wreath
- 6 coordinating 12x12 scrapbook papers
- paper trimmer
- hot glue gun & glue
- any embellishment you want
-5" of ribbon to coordinate with your wreath (will be your loop to hang)

Step 1: Cut the paper into 1" x 4" strips, and glue the ends together
Step 2: Once you have all of your loops glued, you will add your first layer on the botton. Line up the loop to the surface of your table to get an easy line. Hot glue loops onto your wreath.

Step 3: Add your additional layers one by one. It's best to alternate your loops, but glue them right next to each other.
Step 4: You will have a total of 5 layers. Once you have all of your layers, you will want to add a loop of ribbon to the back of your wreath.
Step 5: Add your embellishment and hang. This project is doable in one night. Super fun!!
               Bethany's wreath

Gillian's wreath         
              Heather's wreath

Can't wait for next month. I am sure we will have two things: fun & margaritas!
Tip Junkie handmade projects

I Heart Faces Challenge- A Slice of Life

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rollerskating School


We haven't participated in any sports this Spring, because life has been a little hectic. I was so excited to hear that the old rollerskating rink I went to as a child was still open and operated by the same owners. 

Check out Hurst Skateland for more info on lessons, skate times, and parties.

Annie has a pair of roller skates and she loves them. At the school you learn to skate forward and back, stop, fall, and skate on one foot. 

Poor Max, spent most of his time learning how to balance. It was his first time on skates, and hopefully not the last.
So, for $3.50/person, you get lovely shoes (which I just realized uploading this picture, that Max had his on the wrong feet. Hmmm...I wonder if that is why he wanted to take them off and said they were hurting him. Mother of the year goes to......someone else). Not only do you get to borrow shoes, they have 2 adults to help teach. The lesson is for 1 hour, and they have 30 minutes of free skating included in that time.

I love how even when they don't have to play together, they naturally gravitate towards each other. It is so neat to see sibling love, coming from the perspective of an only child. No teasing allowed. Annie was trying to help Max b/c he was struggling just to be upright and he was all done with rollerskating school.

To wrap up the good times, they all get to LIMBO!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Heart Faces Challenge- Sun Flare

I had so much fun taking photos for this challenge. It was hard choosing just one for this challenge, but I think this is my favorite. I have a close 2nd, which I may save for a future challenge~ For more great photos, check out I Heart Faces.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Show and Tell Challenge- Hat

This picture instantly came to my mind when I thought of my favorite hat picture This is my son going down our driveway on a sled. Of course, I made him stop so I could stand over him to take this photo. He hates to be cold, so I have him wearing dad's hat and MANY layers. It was well worth the 30 minute clothing prep time~

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Photography love...