Monday, September 12, 2016

Crab-Filled Crescent Rolls

I found this tasty little recipe, and we bought imitation crab the very next day because this is just too good to read and not try. For the original recipe, please visit:

Do you like my fancy cookie sheet as the background? Just like the professionals, I tell you.

What changes did I make?

  • We did not have cayenne pepper, so I substituted with Sewell's Seasoning. This stuff is the best! I use it to make guacamole. I use it on salmon, and now I use it in crab rolls. I used approximately 1 tsp.
  • I also decided to make it more of a roll because we were having it for dinner. It was a hit with our children and family in general.
Little prep. time. 

4 Star rating from Team Parker

(My husband also thinks the crab mix works well in a tortilla. Can you tell we are in Texas?)

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